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Poser Posing Hint!
(works with 4, 5, or 6)


Maybe you already know it, but I just lately discovered it.

So you have your character all dressed and ready - and you want to pose him, but 
perhaps the pose you have  in mind, is just not exactly what you want.

Here's something you can do, which will give you 30 poses!

Have your character in a pose, now scoot down to the bottom and click on the Animation 
Control Bar which will open up the animation panel - slide the arrow over to 30.

Now go and find a pose you'd like to use but not exactly :)

Select it for your character. Now, scoot back on the animation panel control to 1 again and the 
character is back where he began.

But now, you can choose any of the poses from 1 to 30 in your animation panel, and each 
one will be slightly different.

Give it a try!

Here's an example:

and the finished renders, using frame 1 and frame 30


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