Photo Impact 6


I would like to thank all the wonderful people in Stephanie's PI Bulletin Board and a special thank you to Ginger for starting us all on the Paint On Edges Addiction!

There are lots of images in this tutorial so please be patient while it loads.  To see images full-size, just click on the thumbnail. 

woman16.jpg (31848 bytes)

lacetut-01.gif (28261 bytes)lacetut-02.gif (30934 bytes)

lacetut-03.gif (51635 bytes)




Let's begin by first clicking on the image on the left, which will open to a full-size version which you can then copy to your hard drive. You may wish to use it for the purposes of this tutorial or feel free to use your own.

  Open Photo Impact and open a new file, white background, 400 x 400. You may wish to use the Ruler which is under View/Ruler.

With the Path Drawing Tool, 3D, Ellipse, draw an oval  approx. 200 x 300.  Select Material from the Easy Pallette and choose Metallic.  Select Reflections and choose Chrome1.

Go to Materials on the Toolbar and select the Bump Tab. Select File, and browse to the folder where you saved the woman16.jpg image.  Select the image and change the density to 100% then click OK.

So now we've created our image let's move on to why you're here!  

Put your lady aside for a moment and open a new file 200 x 200, Black background or any other dark colour. Select the Path Drawing Tool and go to the Easy Pallette and select Plastic/Remove Material then select the Outline Drawing Tool, 3D Chisel, Width 4, and in the Materials in EP, select Colour/Cream. Duplicate the ring twice and place the three rings together like the image on the left.  Use Object/Align Vertical.

Save as a ufo in your own stamps folder.

Now is when you have some fun!  Return to your oval image and center it on the background and keep it selected.  Choose the Stamp Tool then choose the Stamp Menu on the Attributes Bar and select Add Stamp.  Browse to where you have saved your ufo file and select it. The ring image should appear as a thumbnail.

Select these settings for your stamp. Go to Effects and then Paint On Edges.  It begins drawing your lace!
lacetut-06.gif (74956 bytes) Deselect your lace and then select it again and send it to the back of the oval. Your lace should now resemble the image on the left, which is the same as the image at the top of the page.  For this tutorial, let's add a little more to it!  First, you must select both the image and the lace and merge as a single object.  Then select the Stamp Tool and change the settings to Scale:55 and Spacing: 25.

And whalla!  Here is our finished image!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!   Remember, anytime you want to use the lace, after you have POE'd it, you can select it and change it's colour by going to Format and using Hue & Saturation.  Just click colour and adjust the Hue to whatever one you like best!