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How about creating a simple Panda Bear?  Ready...let's begin.

Open an new image - I like to make mine large so I am using 400 x 400, true colour, white background  We'll start with his tummy.  Select the Path Drawing Tool, Oval, grey colour, 2D. Next, select a Circle with the Path Drawing Tool, use a lighter gray and attach it to the tummy, like so.

Our little Panda needs a pair of ears so create another circle, light blue then change it into an image by Selecting Object/Convert to Image.  

Now select the Eraser Tool and carefully remove the bottom of the circle.  Right-click on the ear to duplicate it, then select Edit/Rotate & Flip/Flip Horizontal. Use the Transform Tool to attach each ear to the Panda's head.

Now we need to give the Panda a chin.  Path Drawing Tool/Custom Shape/Round Edges 3.  Use your Pick Tool and select the chin if it is not already selected, then hold down your Shift Key and select the Panda's head too.  Right click and Merge as a Single Object.

For his paw, I used the Path Drawing Tool/Spline Tool and drew it across his tummy. Right click/Duplicate and use your Pick Tool/Send To Back. Resize it just a little...we'll take care of the part sticking up in a moment.

OKAY - important observation here Folks!  I did the beginning of this tutorial yesterday, saved my work as a ufo and closed down for the night.  Today, I wanted to finish this tutorial and opened PI, opened my saved panda pieces in ufo format and GUESS WHAT?

YEP, I got that stupid 'unable to load string' error, so REMEMBER!!!! save your work; save it under different file names so you have several versions.  There is nothing more annoying than losing your work and having to start over...grrrr!

So, now that is out of my system, we can continue...if my little pictures look a tad different, you all know the reason

Use the Spline Tool again and create a hind leg for our little fella.

To create the eyes, select the Path Drawing Tool, Custom Shape/Raindrop,colour Black.  Place it on the bear's head and rotate it 15 degrees clockwise. Add a white circle to the eye, then a smaller black circle over the white. You can choose any colour for the two circles to create them, then change them when they are on the bear's face.

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While the small black circle is still selected, hold down the Shift key and select the rest of the eye pieces then Merge as a Single Object.  Duplicate the eye, then Edit/Rotate & Flip/Flip Horizontal - place it on the other side of the Panda's head.

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To create a muzzle for the bear, I used the Custom Shapes/Round Edges 3 again, selected Object/Convert Object/From Path to Image, then using the Eraser Tool, removed the top so I had only a small triangular object which I widened a little with the Resize Tool.

Use the Pick Tool to select the bear's front paw and change both of them from an Object to an Image, then carefully remove the portion sticking up at the top over the body.

Our little fellow is all ready now to paint.

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Select the body, Convert it from an Object to an Image.  Select Paintbrush Tool, size 15, Colour White, 0 Transparency, Soft Edge 50, Preset None.  On the Brush Panel (if it is not visible, check Under View/ Toolbars & Panels/Place a Check beside Brush Panel). Use these settings under Colour Tab:  70/49/36.

Paint the Bear's body. Then, using the same method for the head, paint the head. You won't have to convert it to an image because you did that earlier. If you wish, you can make the brush size a little bigger...experiment until you have his fur the way you wish.

Change to Black and Paint his ears, and his three paws using the same settings as above, remembering to change the back paw to an image

Almost done!  Select his head and now let's just touch the little guy up by using the Burn Tool,Shape 20, Level 75.  Lightly outline his head, then do the same for his body.  While the body is still selected, hold down the Shift key and right-click and select Merge into Single Object.

Guess what?  We're done!

Hope you've enjoyed created your little Panda!

Any questions or problems, please let me know.


Panda Tutorial Created July 6/01

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