Fancy Cabinet Tutorial

finishedcabinet.gif (54672 bytes)

Created in Photo Impact 6

Let's begin by first copying the image on the left to your hard drive.
Open Photo Impact and open a new file, white background, 500 x 500.  I also found it extremely helpful for this tutorial to turn on both the Grid and the Ruler.

With the Path Drawing Tool, 3D,  Circle, draw a circle approx. 250 x 250.  Select Material from the Attributes Tool Bar then Color/Texture and click File, this will browse your hard drive and you can select where you saved the wood image on the left which is called walnut-ic.jpg

Having found it, select it, and your circle is now a walnut-covered one!  Before you leave Materials Drop Down Panel, select ADD and this will save your circle in My Gallery so you will know later where to find it as we will make good use of it for my tutorials   

cab01.jpg (6295 bytes)

Delete the circle from the new image, instead draw a rectangle as shown on the left and line it up on the grid as shown.  Go to the Easy Pallette, My Gallery, and select the walnut circle you saved.  Adjust the border down to 8.  Draw a circle, place it on the rectangle as shown in next image.
cab03.jpg (7146 bytes)

cab04.jpg (7279 bytes)

Select the rectangle with the Pick Tool then go to Edit/Mask Mode.  Using the Paint Brush set at 5/Black, carefully cover the circle where it overlaps the rectangle.  It doesn't have to be perfect but try to ensure all of it is covered.

Delete the circle.


cab05.jpg (7949 bytes)

Select Path Drawing Tool and Custom Shapes/Arch 3.  We want to place it within the arch we created then change it to walnut so select your saved circle in My Gallery again, change to 3D Pipe and draw the border down to 4. 

cab06.jpg (8087 bytes)

Using the Path Drawing Tool, Rectangle, draw a drawer.  Duplicate the drawer 4 times and place them as shown at left.  You may have to click on image in order to see it larger.  I used the Resize Tool to make the arch shorter, but you may decide to leave it this size...just remember that you still have to put a shelf here and legs. Let's make some legs now.

cab07.jpg (22096 bytes)

The leg is simply a elongated oval with some small ovals attached to it.  You can choose to create them in different styles but if you are following this tutorial, create the first oval, approximately the size you see in the picture with the grid, then create a small rounded rectangle for the top, duplicate it for the bottom, then draw a small oval, duplicate twice and merge the dowelling as a single object then duplicate it twice.  Put it all together and merge as a single object - duplicate 3 times for the other legs.
cab08.jpg (40745 bytes) Place the legs in their appropriate places.  In my example to the left, I have lengthened the arch object just a little from the image before where I had shortened it (You get to see my work, blemishes and all ) but this is how you create - visually.  I have enlisted the aid of a ruler though as you can see and to make the top of the cabinet, I used a rounded rectangle, border 8, and sized it approximately 300 pixels wide and 2 pixels deep or high..  Place it on the top of your cabinet.  Select your four cabinet legs and enlist the aid of Object/Align/Space Evenly/Horizontal.  Select the 2 drawers on the left and Align Horizontally.  Repeat this for the 2 drawers on the right.  Select the cabinet top and the cabinet then Align Horizontally.  Now it's time to add our bottom shelf.