Fancy Cabinet Tutorial Page Two
Created in Photo Impact 6

cab09.jpg (35873 bytes) Using the Path Drawing Tool, create a rectangle for the bottom drawer, approximately 300 pixels wide, and 50 pixels high, border 8. Position it where the drawer will be and using the Pick Tool, Send To Back.   When the shelf is in place, use the Resize Tool to decrease the width if you find it is sticking out a little at the sides.Duplicate the Top of the Cabinet and pull it down to cap the shelf.  Send it to the back then bring it forward once so that it caps the shelf.

Our next three items will be the bookshelf edges and the bookshelf cap.  Draw the edge as a rounded rectangle, 200 pixels,border 6, roundness 99, and place it on the left edge then duplicate it and place the duplicate on the right.  Draw a rectangle 340 pixels wide, 30 pixels high, border 4, and set it at the top between the edges.

cab010.jpg (41868 bytes) Create a 3D Rounded Rectangle, 3 pixels high by 350 pixels wide, border 6 and set it at the top of our cabinet. I used the rounded rectangles on the leg for the dowelling at the top; I just added one more oval to it, merged four of them as a single object then duplicated it and placed on the corners of the cabinet.  I brought the cabinet top forward which partially covers the top oval.

Next, we will add the back of the cabinet.  Draw a Rectangle, 300 pixels wide, 400 high, border 2, place it over the cabinet and Send To Back.  It will be too long so use the resize tool and decrease the height - do the same if you find the sides sticking out.  While the back of the cabinet is still selected, change to Path Tool, and select Material from the Attributes Bar.  Select the Bump Tab then select File and browse to Program Files/Ulead Systems/Ulead PhotoImpact6/Material/Bump04vb and select it.  Go to the Light Tab, and change the settings to Light 1 Direct/Ambient 2%.

cab011.jpg (43941 bytes) Our shelves come next!  Using Rounded Rectangle, 300 width, very thin - 1 pixel, increase border to 3, and with the aid of the grid, set 3 shelves evenly inside the top. Send to Back then bring them ahead so they are visible. 

I used the Burn tool on the bottom shelf to give it some depth. Select the shelf, then choose Object/Convert Object Type/From Object to Image.  Set the Burn Tool at 20 and go across the width of the back of the shelf quickly.  If you're not satisfied with the results, redo but change the shelf back to an object when you are done.

Next comes the addition of pulls for the drawers and a decoration for the top.  I used the Path Drawing Tool/Custom Shapes/S-form, Gold2.  Duplicate it then move one to the top. Along the top, I duplicated it, joined them together then grouped it and duplicated it and centered it on the top.  For the drawers, I resized it, then added a shadow, 5th one in, Transparency 9, Soft Edge 10, Black.  Do the same for the top decoration - merging it as one object then adding the shadow 

I created a bottle following Cedge's great tutorial which you can find here if you haven't yet created bottles.  I added a label to my bottle, then resized it and duplicated it and placed them on the bottom centre shelf.  The vases were made using the Path Tool, 2D, Oval Shape, in the Attributes Bar/Material, I selected Gradient Colour then I made another oval, and set it on the top of the oval created the mouth. You can add a 3d Pipe oval to create a rim as well.  I added a fancy font or design to the front of the vases and simply changed the gradient colours and whalla!  you have some little vases for the shelf.

Create plates by drawing a 2d Circle, and in the Easy Pallette, Materials, Color. select Cream or a colour of your choice. I added a Reflection to mine, changing it first to 3D. Duplicate the circle, then change it to 3D Pipe, Border 17, Depth 1, and add a Fill from Easy Pallette.  In the Materials Attributes, Change Shading from Prong to Metallic, then Paint Brush set at 6/Black, use Effect/Paint On Edges.  Resize your place and duplicate it as many times as you want. Using Resize Tool, widen the sides of your plate and you have a large Serving Plate.  Place these items on your shelves and send them to the back, then bring forward until they appear.

Create a cup and saucer from the Path Drawing Tools/Custom Shape/Cup - mine says Path Object 1 - so I am not sure if I changed it from the original name????  I coloured it cream then I duplicated the cup and filled it with the same material from the Fill Gallery then changed it to 3D Pipe to border the cup.  Merge them and resize the cup and set it on the shelf and send it to the back then forward one.

For all the shelf items, you can either select each of them and then merge as a single object and add a Shadow.  I used shadow #3, changing the offsets to 3 and soft edge to 3 as well.

Our shelf is now complete - ready for company!  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and happy graphicing!!  If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.  Here's our finished cabinet