My grandfather's clock was too large for the shelf,
So it stood ninety years on the floor.
It was taller by half, than the old man himself,
Though it weighed not a pennyweight more.
It was bought on the morn 
Of the day that he was born,
And was always his treasure and pride.
But it stopped short, never to go again,
When the old man died.


This tutorial was written some time ago and the links to the DecoDivider Font and the Fleuron Font as no longer active.  I also had to find the PSP Tutorial as the link had changed - there you will also find the fonts needed.

I've always loved Grandfather clocks and when I saw a tutorial for PSP, I fell in love with it.  Jo created it and I am converting it for Photo Impact with her permission.  Thanks for your graciousness Jo!

There are lots of images in this tutorial so please be patient while it loads.  To see images full-size, just click on the thumbnail. 

You'll find the DecoDivider Font as well as the Fleuron Font here 

Let's begin by first copying the image on the left to your hard drive.
Open Photo Impact and open a new file, white background, 500 x 500.  I also found it extremely helpful for this tutorial to turn on both the Grid and the Ruler.

With the Path Drawing Tool, 3D,  Circle, draw a circle approx. 250 x 250.  Select Material from the Attributes Tool Bar then Color/Texture and click File, this will browse your hard drive and you can select where you saved the wood image on the left which is called walnut-ic.jpg

Having found it, select it, and your circle is now a walnut-covered one!  Before you leave Materials Drop Down Panel, select ADD and this will save your circle in My Gallery so you will know later where to find it as we will make good use of it for this tutorial   

clock01.jpg (45352 bytes)   clock02.jpg (22201 bytes)

clock03.jpg (25821 bytes)   

Once you have saved your circle, you can delete it from the workspace.  

Now the hard work begins.  Although we don't have to cut the wood, we do have to shape it, so bear with me as the results are well worth it.  

There are several small pieces to create so let's start with the moldings.  For this, I used an oval, then shaped it like a toothpick, so it is about 325  long.  I tend to create large then I can resize.

Draw an oval with the Path Drawing Tool, about 40 pixels across, then duplicate it two times and place them one under the other. I grouped them together then duplicated them three times.  Click on the picture on the left to see it full size.  When you have the dowels placed where you like them, we will then create the top and bottom pieces.  It's a good idea to Group together pieces as we move along, which makes them easier to move around so let's group the entire dowelling  now.  Deselect.

Draw a small oval lengthwise then draw a circle and place it in the middle of the oval.  Place this dowel on top of your finished one, then duplicate it and place it on the bottom.  Now create a small rectangle to place at the top and bottom.  Group them to the dowel as well.  You will probably have to resize this quite a bit now.  Mine is now 225.  Group it all together then use the grid lines to make sure everything is lined up correctly before duplicating.  Now we have our two end pieces.


clock05.jpg (23490 bytes)   clock06.jpg (20582 bytes) Our next piece in the bottom of the clock.  Draw a rectangle (your wood should still be the material selected) Use the Perspective Tool on the bottom of the rectangle to make it approximately this size. Now you need to use the Fleurons font, size 75, Grey, the letter Q.  Convert it right away: Object/Convert Object Type/from text to path.  In Easy Pallette, go to the end of Galleries (1st on left) and select your Wood Material Circle and the fleuron changes! Flip it vertical and then place it on the bottom center of the rectangle.

Now take a break and get up and stretch your legs a bit!

clock07.jpg (29131 bytes)   clock08.jpg (29583 bytes) Move your pieces off to the side of the background so you have room to work.  Create a rectangle (wood should still be selected) 150 wide by 300 high - reduce the border to 9.  This is the back of the clock.  Now we have to make it look as though there is an opening  so to do this, I used the arch 3 shape.  When you have it created, change it to 2D to flatten it and then convert it to an image and burn it anyway you wish - I burned it around the edges and down at the bottom.. Images on the left show before and after burn.

clock09.jpg (26971 bytes)   clock10.jpg (29501 bytes)

clock11.jpg (31413 bytes)   clock12.jpg (29919 bytes)

Next comes the bottom facing.  I opened a new image to do this.
Create a 2D Rectangle and a 2D Arch 3 - center the arch in the rectangle as picture shows.

Now draw a white 2D circle and place it on the upper left side - duplicate the circle and place it on the right side.

Select the Fleuron, letter Q, white, size 100, 2D, and flip it vertical and place it in the top centre. Now, merge all!  Select Edit/Trace/Trace Image; accept the settings.  Change Horizontal Deform to 3D, Click on your Wood Material in Easy Pallette and then bring down the border to about 7.  Way to go!!!