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Move your bottom front image to your main images and set it in front.  You will need to resize it with the Transform/Resize tool.  It should look like this when you are finished.

Draw a rectangle, the same length as your dowelling and watch casing, 3D, and increase the border as far as you can, usually about 9.

Duplicate the rectangle and place one on each side of the casing. Place the dowelling beside the rectangle - duplicate it and paste on the other side.  It's up to you but I added shadows on both the rectangles - for the left one, I used the first box, changing the the top 2 settings to 4, 4 and Soft Edge to 4.  On the right rectangle, I selected the 2nd box, with the same settings.

Draw a rectangle to go across the bottom of the clock. Duplicate the rectangle and place it on the top of the casing.

Select Text, DecoDividers, select I, J, or K, or one you would like to use.  I chose K, size 70, use the wood material and 3D and don't forget to change it from text to object   Add two Fluerons, Q, size 70 and place them at each corner.


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Now we need to make the clock face. I opened a new image and created a 3D circle, Gold5, Border 9.  Then I created another smaller circle, only 2D, using Easy Pallette Material Gallery/Texture/Magic Pattern.  Then with paintbrush set at 10, black, Select Effect/Paint On Edges. Group the two circles and Right-click/align/center both.

Using Times Roman as your font, and using Roman Numerals, Black, Size 30, place the XII, III, VI, and IX around the clock face. It's a good idea to make use of the gridlines plus the ruler to get them exact.  Use the Transform Tool/Rotate 90 counter clockwise on the IX and 90 clockwise on the III.

Using Path Drawing Tool, Custom Shape, select  Arrow 6, Gold5.  It will look too large but we will resize it, making it longer and thinner.  Then resize by placing the mouse on the corner and pulling up to the desired size.  Place the clock hand on the face, duplicate and make the small clock hand using the resize tool again.  Create a circle, 3D, Gold 5, Border 6, and place the circle over the hands.

Select the two hands, and all the numbers and Merge as a single object.  Use Shadow, the same settings as before. 

Group the entire clock face and drag it over to the clock.  It is far too large so use the Transform/Resize until you think it fits nicely in the clock

clock22.jpg (49512 bytes)

Now for the pendulum!.  (No pits here...I know..bad joke!)  Draw a rectangle, 3D, Gold5 and put a circle at the end of it and flatten it somewhat.  Group them together and put them on the clock...Resize until you are comfortable with it.

I discovered here, as I am creating this along with you, that the facing is too high so I will resize it since we want to show our pendulum.  This means of course that I have to ungroup everything but, after doing so, I can just use the Easy Pallette and quickly select the facing.  Resize it being careful not to change the shape of it.  When you're done, you should regroup everything EXCEPT the pendulum.

Now, on to the animation!  

If you wish to resize your image, now would be a good time to do so and also, let's trim it as there's a lot of blank space.  I've resized mine, then I resized the pendulum and now deselect everything and Control-D, to create copies.  We will make 3 - one with the pendulum down, one with the pendulum swinging left and one with the pendulum swinging right.  At last, the finished clock!!  Time to quit
but hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.